key areas focus

To promote Indian and USA interests.


Hotelier Cell:

To promote Indian and USA tourism through advertising on their facility

Doctor Cell:


Global Healthcare and Medicine

To promote American physicians visit India for seven to ten days in order to provide healthcare assistance in rural and needy areas by focusing on current health trends and epidemic Medical Tourism & Telemedicine: Physicians will plan and execute this area 

Veterinarian Care: 

Veterinarian physicians will focus on promoting cow’s health for daily production and awareness of animal care

Indian Embassy

Embassy Cell:
This cell will focus assisting NRIs for embassy related issues.

Child Education and Health


1. To provide assistance to needy children
2. Create awareness towards needs of special education Introduce Individual Education Plan, WISC and WAIS testing in order to diagnose special needs with assistance of Healthcare cell.

Clothes & Footwear Collection

This area will focus on collecting new and lightly used clothes & footwear and distribute it in needy areas.

Clothes icon vector isolated on white background, Clothes transparent sign , line or linear sign, element design in outline style

Promote Handicrafts & Handlooms

This area will focus on promoting Indian handicrafts by reaching out to women of India and bringing samples to the USA Samples can be sent to fashion lines for business promotions

Provide Help For Martyrs

This area will focus on providing monetary assistance to Martyr’s Family through “Bharat Ke Veer “Trust. Bharat Ke Veer is an official trust made by Government of India