Let's Work Together To Support New India


We work to fuel India’s growth in following sectors:



Child Education

We have started various schemes like
*Smile India * Students Education & all expenses
* Healthy Daughters * Providng primary Health care to school girls. Provides Sanitary Napkins
* Women Empowerment * Take care of basic health care. Providing funds to make them self sufficient.

Disaster Management

Dsaster management in India was marginalised as an issue of providing relief and rehabilitation to the people affected by natural calamities. We care for the human cause rather money. So we have planned to rehabilitate the needy by taking care of their livelihoods for a period.

India Tourism

India’s International travel market is on an acceleration path. We plan to augment the growth.


India has a universal healthcare model that is mostly administered at the state level rather than the federal level. We plan to contribute by means of services & contributions.

Medical tourism

NRI Issues in Ref. Indian Embassy

We offer our experince in coordinating complaints, grivances relating to Indians origin People in Visa, OCI & other consular services.

Support to Martyr's Family

We help the martyrs' families rediscover their potential, provides financial and emotional counselling in addition to legal support as well as education and training for their children.

Clothes collection Drive

Our clothing donation program provides people with a convenient way to get rid of unwanted clothes
while also helping out a great cause.

Handicrafts-Handlooms Promotion

We promote organise expos, openhouse with an important impact on the Swadesi economy and the Indian textiles and handicrafts exports.


We have volunter doctors/heathcarpros offering a lot of time to telemedicine particularly elderly, less tech-savvy, patients who hail from remote locations of globe.

Global Healthcare and Medicine